Asset Management

Manage REOs & Non-Performing Notes

LendingWise provides Asset Management solutions covering REOs, Non-Performing, & Performing Notes, whether you work under an Asset Management role or Servicing role or BOTH. LendingWise has a flexible & customizable platform to let you manage a diverse set of assets under a diverse set of ownership structures.

Disposition Loans Your Way

Every Asset Management firm runs things slightly different with their own internal guidelines & workflows. Specifically, custom tailored disposition strategies are needed to guide key team members down a path to minimize losses. Loss analysis tools help determine various options available to short sale, foreclose, liquidate, rehab, or provide work out options when needed.

Custom Workflows & Workouts

Since you can customize workflows & required docs based on various programs or strategies, LendingWise provides a dynamic, powerful platform to manage assets in a way the entire company will follow. With conditional logic tied to the asset type, program/strategy, loan status, etc… You can automate and decision loans with ease.

Unique Borrower Outreach Tools

One of teh most difficult parts of aset managment, especially related to non-performing notes, is borrower outreach. Without contact to the borrower, you have no options to even discuss or offer. LendingWise offers skip trace solutions to track down and find borrowers and any related parties that may know how to reach them. Alternative, unique solutions powered by (our sister company) connect reps to borrowers based on real time engagement with Email notifications being opened or clicked. Additional unique methods tied to issuing gas or debit cards to borrowers that require call in to activate cane be initiated direct within LendingWise.

Detailed Reporting

Asset Managers need a lot of reporting on the stats of their assets under management. Our pipeline tool and advanced search & sort functionality allows you to create granular reports based on the data you need with excel exporting options as well.

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