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Hard money brokers come in all sizes and levels of sophistication. We work with brokers of all sizes helping them to setup a professional platform & an efficient process to work with their borrowers and help connect their deals to the right capital partner. Although most brokers do not need all the robust features LendingWise offers, they can find value in knowing that their software platform uses the industry standards followed by the larger, direct lenders on our platform.

Private Lending

Private lending has been around a long time and has recently evolved due to the new entrants from wall street and emerging technology tied to crowd funding. To remain competitive as a private lender you need a streamlined process that helps you intake loans, collect loan docs, & auto-generate LOIs/Term Sheets, promissory notes, & all other required loan docs in minutes. More importantly, as a private lender, you likely manage the loan servicing & draw management process in house. With LendingWise you can manage the entire loan life cycle under one platform!

Mortgage Fund

Mortgage Fund Managers raise capital through a fund that many investors participate in, creating a pool of money that is used for lending purposes. Not all funds are created equal and they all have different mandates that dictate what, how, who, & when they lend the money. In short, fund managers need a flexible LOS software platform that conforms to the way they need to do business. With LendingWise, mortgage fund managers can setup their loan programs with specific guidelines and workflow rules to keep them compliantly following the funds lending requirements.

Wholesale Lenders

Wholesale Lenders depend on brokers for deal flow, which is why we created a very robust sales hierarchy allowing Account Executives or Branches to manage brokers. The built in CRM tools help manage brokers as a lead with statuses, notes, reminders, & email marketing capabilities. The system is great at helping protect brokers, when borrowers try to go around them, providing alerts in real time.

Credit Unions & Banks

Fintech for credit unions & small banks is now becoming more popular and easier to obtain. Technology costs, specifically for SBA loan origination software, have gone down,  security is more robust, and more technology solutions are available to credit unions and small banks. We focus on the Lendtech side specializing in mortgage, SBA, term loans, line of credit and other custom loan product.

Private Marketplace

LendingWise has curated a list of direct lenders, private investors, & note buyers that have met certain benchmarks or have come highly recommended from our vast network of private, hard money lenders, banks, & investors that focus in commercial/residential real estate, commercial lending, & business funding. Our lender & investor marketplace will help you close more loans with less headache for a wide array of lending products. We also allow you to add your own private capital sources with their guidelines inside your account only, helping you create a private marketplace aka automated eligibility engine.

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