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Broker/Loan Originators

LendingWise supports sub users labeled as loan originators or mortgage brokers. In this role, they can login to their portal to manage unlimited borrowers, and the borrowers can have unlimited loans. The loan originator/mortgage broker portal gives them their own CRM and LOS pipeline. The back office admin sets the permission settings to control what the LO/Broker can see or do with loan files within certain stages.

Account Executives

Account Executives manage their own broker or referral network, so LendingWise gives them a portal to manage both borrower & broker relationships with CRM tools like marketing E-mails, lead status, follow up dates & tasks/reminders. NOTE: Account Executives can still act as a loan originator as well direct with borrowers.


Traditionally corespondents are separate entities that white label your loan products and loan programs on a wholesale level. You may provide them their own warehouse line… they may process & underwrite their own loan files… they utilize your master loan doc set, etc… The options vary from one lender to the next and our LOS Software/loan management software handles the various ways & permissions you need to manage each corespondent in your sales channel.


Processors & underwriters are critical in a lending operation. LendingWise provides them with the ultimate LOS software platform to manage collecting docs, updating the loan status, making detailed notes, following specific workflows that are loan program specific & even role specific. Generating loan docs can be fully automated, even with E-sign capabilities for certain ones. 3rd party integrations powered by our ConnectWise API hub makes it easy to order credit, background check, flood, AVM, BPO and more.

Principals/Fund Managers

As the Principal, CEO, or Fund Manager you will find that LendingWise provides your entire team with the tools they need to succeed and the high level overview you want to see all your loans in every stage. Detailed, custom reports are easy to run to search and sort files by a number of variations. Export your search query into Excel and choose the exact fields you want exported. Reports range from detail loan status, billing/accounting, & even employee productivity.


Your back end private investors provide the capital needed to fund loans and they expect transparency in how their capital is deployed. Furthermore, they want to quickly and easily see their ROI in real time with investor reporting dashboards and reports via a login portal. Don’t leave your private investors hanging without the insight they need to ensure trust and measurable results.

CRE, SBA, Private Money loan origination software, LOS, CRM

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