Connectwise API HUB

Integration with 30+ Vendors

We have partnered with 30+ vendors to support integrations with your favorite service providers. These vendors offer services ranging from credit, background to property valuation. Once you are setup with a particular vendor, we will need your API credentials to sync your LendingWise account to their system and they will bill you directly for any services ordered. You’ll never have to leave LendingWise again to order a 3rd party service!

Hard/Soft Credit Pull

Hard credit pull is a full credit report that counts as an inquiry on the report, which in many cases lowers the score a few points, while a soft pull gives you the same credit data without counting as a inquiry. Certain credit laws apply when using soft credit pulls to determine lending decisions. LendingWise LOS software supports ordering credit report integration for both hard credit pull and soft credit pulls.

Background/ID Verification

Running a background check is a cost effective way t really know your customer& make sure everything they answered on the background questionnaire is true. This industry is growing and so are the number of fraud cases. Don’t let identity fraud or any other background related issues cause loan losses on your books or any of your capital partner’s/investor’s books.

AVM, BPO, & Appraisals

Property valuation can come from numerous sources, and since hard money lending ultimately depends on the property value, you will want quick and easy access to numerous methods of getting accurate property valuations. Within our integration HUB you will be able to order an Appraisal from 30+ AMCs and when completed,m the appraisal will be uploaded right to teh loan file, where it belongs. If you want instant results on valuation, you can order an AVM, which stands for Automated Valuation Model… It’s 1 step better than a Zillow estimate. Lastly, you can order a BPO from a nationwide trusted BPO network, specializing in using local realtors to provide quick drive by appraisals.

VOD, Flood, Taxes & Insurance

In today’s technology Fin-tech space, there are numerous integrations partners for almost every service needed ranging from Verification of Deposit/Assets, Flood determination, Property tax lookup & tax liens, property insurance instant quote estimator… just to name a few. Contact us today to find out about all our integrated services.

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