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Direct Wholesale Lender Marketplace

We have a curated list of wholesale DIRECT lenders, banks, & private investors that have met certain benchmarks or have come highly recommended from our vast network of private, hard money lenders & investors that focus on commercial/residential real estate, commercial lending, & business funding. Our lender marketplace will help you close more loans with less headache for a wide array of lending products. We also allow you to add your own private capital lending sources with their guidelines inside your account ONLY, helping you create your own private marketplace aka automated eligibility engine. Your welcome!

Investor/Note Buyer Secondary Marketplace

Today’s secondary market is growing everyday with more competitive entrants of various sizes. Whether you want to securitize a note pool or loan tape… or sell off a single note, yo will want to search and sort through our vast network of note buyers. These note buyers can be private mom & pop size buyers or institutional level as well. Each will have their own standards of loan quality and lender requirements, that’s why our marketplace eligibility engine makes it easy to match you & your loan to the right buyer in real time, at the right time.

Create Your Own Lender/Investor Marketplace

As a seasoned industry veteran, you will likely have your own rolodex of private lenders, capital providers, note buyers, etc… With our custom loan program engine, you can add all your favorite lenders and capital providers with their unique guidelines, niches and requirements, etc… Whether the source is your Father-in-law, CPA, Insurance/Pension fund type of source, the system will help you keep track of all your lending/capital sources.

White Label Your Own Marketplace

Use our marketplace engine to build out your own directory and white label it for your network of originators, brokers, & branches nationwide. When they enter a deal, the system will display all the eligible programs, but the name of the source will be hidden. The system will auto-generate the Term Sheet for the eligible programs that you have accurately approved rates and terms on. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

Expansive Commercial Lending Product Coverage

LendingWise covers a wide array of commercial lending products from real estate to equipment to SBA loans to unsecured term loans. Within each sector there are 100’s of lenders with various niches & guidelines. Use our expansive directory of lenders and marketplace to find your next lending partner!

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