Borrower/Broker/Back Office User Portals


User Permissions and settings

LendingWise has 4 MAIN User Types that each have their own restrictive login portals. The 4 User types are: Back Office Employee, Account Executive/Branch, Broker/Agent, and Borrower. All users have a set of permissions and settings that can be controlled by default user group settings or individually controlled. A few of the main permissions are:

  • Allowed to Login
  • Allowed to see all files or only assigned files
  • Allowed to generate Excel Reports
  • Allowed to edit files under any status or 'X' Status only.
  • Allowed to access auto-generated docs under any status
  • Allowed to see private notes on files from back office staff
  • Allowed to see client billing info
  • Auto-Alert of all new files created in their portal


Main Back Office Employee Portal

The back office employees will have titles like manager, processor, underwriter, attorney, paralegal, investor, etc... They can see all files from all branches and agents by default unless permissions are restricted to only see loan files for specific branches or loan files individually assigned. The main back office portal is where the admin manager controls everything and that's where all the main employees do their work.


Account Executive/Branch Portal

Account Executives are your inside sales reps that manage brokers and/or deal direct with borrowers. They can track unlimited brokers/referral partners under their profile and help manage their loan files. Alternatively, this user type can represent an affiliate Branch or division, which will have brokers/agents underneath. Ultimately, this Account Executive/Branch level user is designed to manage broker/agent relationships and segregate their borrowers, and track their respective loan files.

TIP: For larger multi-level organizations, you may consider using a Back office Employee linked to numerous Branches. That back office employee will only see the brokers & borrowers associated to those selected branches and their respective loan files.

Are setup to represent different divisions within a company or outside affiliate companies. The branch portal supports only one branch manager level user with unlimited agents underneath. If you need additional branch level users, they are created as back office employees and linked to the specific branch.


Brokers, Agents & Referral Partners

This portal lets the broker or referral partner manage their pipeline and submit new deals. Their permissions control what and when they can edit loan file data. For example, you will not want a broker to edit a file in underwriting.


Borrower Portal

LendingWise likes to always keep more than an arms length away from your direct borrowers, so we setup the borrower login portal on your own website. This allows clients to login and see real time updates on their file and depending on their permissions/file status they can complete their application and upload docs.

By having a borrower portal installed on your site, it fosters trust and shows how invested you are to client support. Additionally, it reduces the number of customer inquiries related to status updates for both you and your team.


Investor Portal

Investors may want to have real time access of their vested loan portfolio or they may need to review a loan for approval purposes. Investors are essentially back office employees, with the role labeled as "Investor" You can enable certain permission that relate to billing, or servicing.

Coming soon... We will be integrating a crowd funding platform to allow you to acquire more accredited real estate investors and raise capital in a compliant web based manor. Contact us today and let us know if you are interested in integrating your account.


Guest Access

Sometimes you have a user, like an auditor or potential investor that wants to view certain or all files, but you will not want them to edit or make changes. This is a great way to temporarily grant access, and allow the guest user to view your loan productivity and show off your loan work flow.