Managed Services


3rd party Integrations

LendingWise is a web based platform with APIs that allow for integration methods into other 3rd part system like a lead vendors, LOS, Servicing, Asset & Income Verification, Credit Pulling, and various other services. For Enterprise Team account holders we can help you integrate LendingWise with other systems to ensure data posts back and forth if needed.


HTML E-mail Design

Sending E-mail to prospects is essential to drive business for your organization. E-mails leave an impression with your prospects, and these days its very easy to spot poor quality E-mail vs. a high quality E-mail. We can help you stand out from the crowd and your competition with cutting edge designed E-mails that are optimized for mobile and various E-mail clients. We will also help craft the message to avoid SPAM filters, so your message can reach as many inboxes as possible, and not the dreaded spam or junk folder


Drip Campaign Setup

LendingWise drip camapign creator will let you create a series of drip e-mails. But we know it can be complicated to setup and know what are the marketing best practices without being too annoying to your prospects. There is no hard rule on how many e-mails you should send and how often... it typically depends on the relationship with your prospect list, the nature of the message (Newsletter, market update, product solicitation) Either way we can help you with the campaign setup, so you can set it and forget it.


Mass E-mail to Brokers/Realtors/Investors

Through our 3rd party partners we can help you launch massive E-mail campaigns to thousands of established mortgage brokers, realtors, and investors to help you grow your brand and increase your deal flow. Please note: LendingWise follows strict data privacy policies and will never use your proprietary data for marketing purposes.


Website Design & SEO Optimization

LendingWise offers web design services to help you launch a new website. Websites will integrate with your LendingWise account, specifically related to online web forms for lead capture and loan submission and login portals for borrower, broker and back office employees. We have various templates to choose from that will be SEO optimized for your specific loan programs and regional area. We can even help you with Google Ad Words campaign setup to drive traffic to your site!