Marketing Automation


E-mail Marketing

LendingWise allows you to send mail merged, E-mail blasts to your list of borrowers, brokers, partners, and investors. Choose from dozens of E-mail templates, which can be customized with your logo, branding, loan program details, and more. All E-mails are tracked in your reports section to show you sent, open, and click data overall or for a specific contact. E-mail marketing is the most effective & economical way to keep in touch with your network and inform them of your latest programs and company achievements.


Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign also known as auto-responders, is a way to create a series of E-mails to nurture your leads and client base. You can create a series of E-mails that go out every 'x' number of days, or on a weekly basis. Drip campaigns can be activated manually per contact, based off a web form being completed, or by mass selecting from recently imported list . Recipients can always opt out anytime.


Triggered E-mails and Phone Calls (Powered by is an E-mail marketing tool that allows you send E-mail with triggers based of an open or link click, which triggers a phone call to your sales line. The Tele-mail triggered call will announce the name, company, and campaign and ask the sales rep to "Press 1 to connect" which then bridges the call in real time.