Reports & Analytics


Loan Pipeline Report

The Loan pipeline shows all loan files from leads to closed loans and everything in between. There will be many possible files with various loan sub-statuses and work flow steps completed or incomplete. The loan pipeline has many advanced searching and sorting options, which allows the user to create a very in depth, granular excel report if needed with all the loan file variables related to the borrower, loan details, property details, payment history, and all involved 3rd parties like title, insurance, realtor, etc...


File Velocity

LendingWise tracks and displays how long all your loan files sit inside a particular stage, and shows you the averages time it takes to move the loan file to the next stage. This helps you determine lead conversion times with your sales team, processing turn times, underwriting & closing speed. These are important numbers to evaluate and know where improvements are needed or rewards are deserved.


E-mail Send/Open/Click Reports

LendingWise lets you send out individual e-mail or mass marketing E-mails. The E-mail reports will show you globally or based on specific campaigns all the recipients that received or bounced or opened or clicked a link. You can also view the profile of the broker or borrower and see their E-mail statistics as well.


Broker/Referral Partner Tracker

Tracking detailed statistics on which referrals partners or brokers send in the most deals and analyzing the quality of those deals is super important. Without a system like LendingWise, you would have a hard time analyzing which brokers need some additional help in qualifying borrowers, or which brokers deals are declining. Also, you can track results from other lead sources like trade shows, E-mails, Google Search, banner Ads, Magazine, Direct mail, etc...


Employee Productivity Report

When you have numerous processors, underwriters, closers, etc... it's hard to tell who works the hardest. Now you can find out and reward your most effective employees. The employee Productivity reports section shows you key metrics of how the users are using the system and managing their loan files. For example it shows you # of logins, duration, # of updates, # of notes made, # of files assigned, # of task completed, and many more.

You can decide what metrics are essential and gamify the system to get everyone working harder and using the software more.