Loss Mitigation

Loan Modifications

Our loan modification software platform has been around since 2008, the beginning of the housing crisis under the brand The Loan Post. Over the years, we have developed the most robust loan modification platform covering Government subsidized programs from TARP, HAMP, HAFA, & now Fannie Mae FLEX modifications. We even have customizable loan mod analyzer and calculator to help you outline beneficial terms between the borrower & investor.

Short Sales

Our short sale software platform has been around since 2009, when it became popular across the country. Short sales are very workflow driven and processing heavy, like a loan origination file. There are many parties from realtors, attorneys, servicers, homeowners, to investors that need to be in sync with status updates, missing docs, detailed notes, etc…

Foreclosure Management

The foreclosure process can be tricky & time consuming, depending on the property State. LendingWise platform helps you handle the workflows and required docs needed to begin processing foreclosure. Whether you do it in house or hire an atty, the process can be tracked and managed through the foreclosure software platform, providing transparency to all users on the loan status.

All Government/Industry Forms

The foreclosure process involves many forms that are mandated by the Federal Government, CFPB, & State. Utilize LendingWise robust document library of forms and docs, or build out your own library to automate the document generation of critical docs.

Risk/Loss Analysis

As a lender, servicer, note investor that manages loans, you know that defaults will happen eventually. LendingWise provides tools to analyze the cost of foreclosure vs providing a workout or short sale.

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