Line of Credit

Issuing a customer line of credit for product or services is essential to help grow your business, but you need to manage that line of credit ongoingly. Using LendingWise to manage the line of credit, required payments, E-sign agreements, & uploading required docs via a web based platform is all included with our standard platform.

Credit Cards

There are hundreds of credit card offers out there, which makes it daunting for a consumer to decide which one is right for them. We designed a module special to help you keep track of numerous credit card applications, approvals, and payment management.

Term Loans

Offering consumers term loans on products or services is a great way to grow your business. Structure the terms the way you want, and manage the payment collection process. Consumers can easily apply online for your custom created loan programs or any 3rd party lender products. LendingWise makes it easy to upload required docs and E-sign agreement on the fly.

CRE, SBA, Private Money loan origination software, LOS, CRM

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