5 Essential Tips for Utilizing LendingWise CRM to Boost Sales and Close More Deals

Loan originators are always on the lookout for innovative tools and strategies to close more deals and drive business growth. LendingWise CRM offers a suite of powerful features designed to streamline the loan origination process, improve efficiency, and enhance communication between originators, borrowers, and lenders. In this blog, we’ll explore five essential tips for leveraging LendingWise CRM to boost sales and close more deals.

Easy Loan Application Intake via Your Website

LendingWise CRM makes it simple for borrowers to submit a quick loan application through your website. The form captures essential details to determine eligibility and price the loan, complete with supporting documents. By streamlining the application process, originators can quickly assess potential deals and provide a seamless borrower experience.

Built-In E-Signature Technology

LendingWise CRM’s built-in e-signature technology allows originators to send pre-approvals, term sheets, LOIs, and disclosures with just a few clicks. This feature not only saves time but also demonstrates professionalism and expedites the loan process, keeping borrowers engaged and committed to closing the deal.

Access to Capital Providers via the Lender Marketplace

The Lender Marketplace feature within LendingWise CRM connects originators with a wide array of capital providers, saving time in finding the best lenders for each deal. Lenders, in turn, benefit from exposure to new brokers and increased deal flow, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Customizable Full Application Web Form

LendingWise CRM’s customizable full application web form enables originators to collect all necessary information to match borrowers with the ideal loan program, lender, or investor. By tailoring the application form to specific requirements, originators can ensure they collect all relevant data, streamlining the underwriting and approval process.

Leverage Automation for Efficient Follow-Up and Notifications

LendingWise CRM’s automation features empower originators to create tailored follow-up sequences and notifications throughout every stage of the loan process. This consistent, timely communication keeps borrowers informed and engaged, increasing the likelihood of a successful closing.

In conclusion, LendingWise CRM offers a powerful suite of features designed to help loan originators close more deals and drive business growth. By leveraging easy loan application intake, built-in e-signature technology, access to the Lender Marketplace, customizable full application web forms, and automation for efficient follow-up, originators can streamline their processes, improve borrower satisfaction, and ultimately, close more deals. Experience the benefits of LendingWise CRM today and propel your business to new heights.