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Our Vision

To streamline & digitize the lending process for lenders & brokers of all sizes, while creating a seamless borrower experience.

Our Mission

To become the industry leading, web based software vendor in loan management platforms encompassing an All-in-one CRM, Loan Origination System (LOS), Loan Servicing, draw management, & API vendor hub.

How it Started

LendingWise (Originally “TheLoanPost”) was built in 2006 during the mortgage boom days, originally as a pricing/pre-qual engine and niche wholesale lender marketplace used by thousands of mortgage brokers, loan originators, and wholesale lenders nationwide. After the mortgage market collapse of 2008, we switched gears into loss mitigation CRM. Now with a booming housing recovery, we see a huge opportunity to focus and help hard money/private money lenders by becoming their loan origination system of choice. After working in-house with a large nationwide lender with borrowers & originators spread across the country, we were able to build out LendingWise with a flexible, multi-branch architecture with all the critical features needed to manage 1000’s of files and broker & branch relationships. We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with our clients to continually develop the most up to date, feature rich loan software platform for today’s complex mortgage & alternative non-bank lending industry.

Why We Do What We DO

The lending industry has changed very little in the last 100 years, with the digital & internet revolution upon us, we know there is huge opportunity to make the lending process better for both borrowers & lenders. We recognize how important lending is to the overall economy and we want to empower financial enterprises to feed the lifeblood of our economy one loan at a time.

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