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SBA 7a Relief, SBA Payroll Protection,  SBA Disaster & SBA 504 Loans

The SBA stimulus will back up to $350B via the CARE act under the SBA 7a relief, SBA Disaster & SBA Payroll Protection programs. This is an enormous amount of capital that needs to get deployed fast. We help automate the COMPLETE loan application process,  collection of all required docs & Auto-populate all the required SBA 7a forms. The back office pipeline has robust workflows and underwriting capabilities to manage 1000’s of files between 100’s of employees throughout the loan life cycle.


SBA loans must be originated by approved SBA lenders, mostly banks, credit unions, and a few non-bank lenders. SBA offers various programs like SBA 7a for working capital, SBA Payroll Protection, SBA 504 for owner-occupied commercial real estate, SBA CAPLines for line of credit, SBA Micro Loans under 50K, & SBA Disaster for companies impacted by natural disaster. Whether you are a direct lender for SBA or brokering the loan out to various lender partners via our lender marketplace, you can easily manage the application process, doc collection, underwriting & more.

MSLP- Main Street Loan Program

Financial institutions are able to lend money through the Main Street Loan Program aka MSLP backed by the federal reserve. Target borrowers are Americas small & medium size businesses under 10,000 employees. The current fund is setup for $600 Billion, and will likely see an increase if and when needed.

MSLP Loan Origination Software is built for banks to manage their customized, internal workflow process & business rules. We have a robust architecture with a centralized back office that supports small & large size banks with 1000’s of branches across the country.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing can be done in the form of a loan or lease. LendingWise supports various types of Equipment ranging from medical, construction, industrial, etc… Regardless, the origination process follows all the same steps and requires pretty much the same information needed by lenders. Our built in loan application forms will auto-populate the loan & borrower data needed to review a deal and submit to investors or lenders.

Unsecured Loans

The Unsecured Term Loan market is heating up with many needy, qualified borrowers & participating lenders offering competitive terms. LendingWise can help you manage the entire life cycle from lead to application to processing to funding. As a broker or lender you need LendingWise to manage numerous offers from the lender marketplace, making it essential to have an industry specific CRM & LOS .

Accounts Receivable/Invoice Financing

As an established business going through growth spikes, companies may find themselves with orders they can’t fill without working capital to deliver the product. Specialized lenders with unique loan programs aimed at financing your company using the invoices or account receivable as collateral.

Line Of Credit

Banks & Non Banks offer line of credit options to fund a business at the flexible times needed most. They can be either unsecured or secured by a wide array of assets. LendingWise helps you manage the application process and outline all the assets & the details available to underwrite a line of credit.

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