Loan Origination

Online Loan Applications

LendingWise provides you with 2 built in, customizable web forms called a quick app & full app. These web forms can be connected, so that after a quick app is created, you can manually send or automatically send a link to the full app, which populates all the data from the quick app. Check out examples of the Quick App & Full App and don’t miss the Blended Sales & Processing Funnel video showing it in action!

Generate E-signable Term Sheets, Credit Authorizations, & all other initial docs.

LendingWise has a library of built in docs like loan application, term sheet, & credit authorization. You can also send us your preferred docs and we can auto-populate anything you need with E-signable options as well (Certain fees will apply for this service) You can also create your own auto-generated docs using our doc wizard tool that allows you to access & insert the dynamic fields within our database for free.

Doc Upload & Loan Status Portal

The most popular feature we have by far is the loan status & doc upload portal, which can be used by ANY party for the loan like borrower & brokers. It’s a mobile friendly page that supports end user’s camera to upload pictures of documents, drag & drop, & multiple files within each required doc item. It highlights the status of each document needed, in review, or need to be resent. Check out the loan status & doc upload portal.

Custom Loan Guidelines

As a lender or even broker you may want to restrict how your system works specific to certain loan types & guidelines. Specifically, your web form can dynamically change based on the loan program selected, forcing the user to enter only eligible deals. Additionally custom loan guidelines can be used to create your own private lender/investor marketplace. Let the LendingWise eligibility engine match your loan to the right lender in real time, at the right time!

Detailed Pipeline & Reports

The pipeline in LendingWise is customizable, allowing you to manage & see deals flow through stages your way. With the additional customizable options tied to sub-statuses, workflows, required docs, etc… you can easily gain control of all your files with complete transparency. The search & sort options allow you drill down to very granular levels & even allow you to export custom reports with the data you choose. Check out the screenshot illustrating all of the above.

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